A guide to local farms and favourite activities


At Applewood Hollow Bed and Breakfast we passionately support local farms and strive to serve 100%  local produce. We carefully source out the freshest, tastiest produce from farmers we have come to know and trust. We encourage you to visit these farms to bring home a taste of Niagara! 

Thwaites Farms – Although we preserve and serve local fruit year round our first fresh produce of the season  starts with the arrival of Thwaite Farm’s asparagus in May.  Nothing announces spring like the arrival of the first asparagus on our breakfast menu! Visit their website to learn more about their inspiring story of four generations of farming as well as their hours of operation and seasonal produce.

Palatine Fruit and Roses – Renee and Eva Schmitz own this beautiful farm which has won international acclaim for its amazing roses. They are passionate in their care for the land and during their off season they actively search for sustainable alternatives to support a healthy ecosystem.
You can read the Business Niagara article about them here. Even better, take a stroll there; it’s within walking distance from Applewood Hollow!

MacSween Farm ( Quiet Acres ) – Take a few minutes and learn about one family’s story of farming. A comprehensive and educational website if you wish to learn more about agriculture in Niagara! The MacSween family roots are deep in Niagara soil with a fascinating history linked to the Servos family that fled the US during the Revolution. The Servos family built one of the first mills in 1683 a few hundred yards behind Applewood Hollow.

The Fruit Shack Looking to pick up local goodies on the way home? You’ll want to pop in to the Fruit Shack on HWY 55 next to Trius Winery. Recognized for their innovative  farming techniques they offer a wide selection of their home grown produce and tender fruit. Don’t forget to pick up some of their famous butter tarts to savour after your journey home!

Mori Gardens  After building Applewood Hollow  in 1997 we were faced with the challenge of landscaping our one acre lot. Thanks to the very helpful and knowledgable staff at Mori Gardens we achieved our dream of creating a haven of serenity amid our natural country gardens. Many guests have commented on the unique “Twist and Shout Endless Summer” hydrangea that welcomes them by our front porch. Mori Gardens is the place to find it!

Twist & Shout Hydrangea

Some of our favourite Niagara on the Lake activities:

The Market @ the Village is one of our favourite spots to meet local farmers and sample the amazing variety of produce that is grown in our own neighbourhood! You’ll find everything from Thwaites Asparagus to Wine jellies. Wednesday night is my “weekend” and I unwind by meeting friends for a picnic at the market. Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings have become a wonderful social event with people of all ages enjoying the fabulous fare offered by the food trucks and a good old fashioned sense of community.

The Pie Plate Bakery & Cafe – Delicious sandwiches and thin crust pizzas made from scratch with the best local ingredients. Their pies are the best. In the world. If you don’t believe me try for yourself! They fly off the shelf every weekend so here’s a tip – my guests pre-order their pies to avoid any disappointment and pick them up on the way to Applewood Hollow!

 The Shaw Festival Theatre – Niagara’s internationally renowned theatre featuring plays by George Bernard Shaw and his contemporaries

Wineries of Niagara on the Lake – Niagara has become famous for its excellent wines. Use this as a guide to visit some of our local wineries.

Hiking – If exploring nature is your idea of an ideal “time out” Biophilic World Hiking Tours can provide personal tours to the hidden corners of Niagara. Owen Bjorgen’s  knowledge about the unique ecosystems of the Niagara escarpment and wetlands is unparalleled. His enthusiasm and passion will leave you inspired and refreshed after a day of exploring Niagara’s trails.

Niagara Parks –  One of our favourite picnic spots is the Niagara Glen located on the Parkway south of the Butterfly Conservatory. Stairways lead to 4 km (2.5 mi) of paths that wind through a pristine pocket of Carolinian Forest, past boulders left behind as the Falls eroded through the area thousands of years ago.

Cycling In Niagara Many of my guests bring their bikes but they are also easily rented at Zoom Bike Rentals, now at two convenient locations or delivered to our door. Niagara Region provides some great resources for cycling in the area and the above site has a cycling map which you can print out. We’ll help you find those perfect picnic spots for those special summer memories!


 Stories, Photos and Inspiration from Applewood Hollow

Life at the Hollow is like opening a surprise gift from nature every day! The garden is a labour of love and the chickens are not only entertaining but keep us well stocked with fresh eggs. The beauty of the Four Mile Creek watershed and Niagara Shores park are a natural treasure we have come to cherish ! Original and roots music performed by Brian and Jane Andres often provide a musical background to the videos you can find on our Youtube site. On Summer  you can hear the song ‘”Windsway”  performed by Brian and Jane and friends ( recorded at Grant Ave. Studios )

Wendell Berry – A writer who has been the single most inspiration in the philosophy behind Applewood Hollow! You’ll find his poems, novels and essays tucked into baskets of books in our B+B rooms…

Orion Magazine – Through the written word, visual arts and ideas of imaginative thinkers, Orion magazine presents a view of the environment that is grounded in respect, reverence and deep thinking.